Inside each child there is a story to be told – a story that no one has yet had time to listen to’ - Winnicott, 1984

Full day        5 clients        6 hours                         £300


Morning      3 clients        3.5 hours                      £175


Afternoon   2 clients        2.5 hours                      £125


Sessional     1 client          45 minute session      £50 plus either £5 or 45p per mile whichever is the greatest




Full day, morning and afternoon rates include:

  • the client’s session

  • all resources

  • a summary at the end of each half term

  • a full report when the client’s sessions come to an end

  • a full report for EHCP annual reviews if needed

  • advice for teachers for any child

  • pupil observations if a client is not in

  • regular contact with parents/Carers


If a full year contract is signed a free half day’s training will also be available for teachers. This will be based on the school’s needs and what the therapist is able to provide.


Sessional rate includes:

  • the client’s session

  • all resources

  • a full report when the client’s sessions come to an end

  • regular contact with parents/carers



If there are multiple children at one school on a sessional rate then the £5 sessional charge will apply to each child rather than a mileage charge.


Additional charges


Additional full reports         £45 per report


Short Summaries                 £30 per summary


Attendance at meetings (where possible)     £50 per hour

A minimum of 12 sessions is required for each child but if there is a higher level of need more sessions are likely to be required. This will be reviewed on a regular basis with the child, parents and the referrer.


These charges will be reviewed every August ready for implementation on the 1st September

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