Children do not have the language to describe how they are feeling or to discuss their worries, what they are able to do though is play. Play therapy provides a safe and confidential space where children can explore their feelings and play out situations that are worrying or confusing to them.


Developed from the work of Carl Rogers and Virginia Axline, Play Therapy is a holistic therapy which is child led and aims to help the child to help themselves.


It helps to empower children by helping them to acknowledge their feelings in a constructive way and give them strategies for coping with the difficulties they face. Play Therapy can help reduce anxiety and improve a child’s self-esteem. Though this can take time, a child may feel more confident to make positive changes in their lives, which lasts long after the initial therapy has finished.


Play and Creative Arts Therapies are a well established discipline based upon a number of psychological theories. Research carried out by Play Therapy UK shows that for every child referred to a practitioner registered on the Play Therapy UK register, 70 – 84% will show a positive improvement. These results are based on a large database of over 8000 cases.

There are many benefits of attending Play Therapy sessions, including:


  • Play is essential for children to develop physically, emotionally and socially.

  • It fosters imagination and creativity

  • It encourages confidence and concentration. 

  • It helps children to make friends and learn about their ever expanding world.

  • It allows them to learn from mistakes safely

  • Play can be used to establish a relationship

  • It is used when ‘talking therapy’ doesn’t work (very often with children) 


’Play Therapy offers the individual to be himself, to learn to know himself, to chart his own course openly and above board – to rotate the kaleidoscope so to speak, that he may form a more satisfactory design for living’ - Virginia Axline
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